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Why does counselling help children and young people?


Children and Young people that have had counselling at Time to Talk have left with a more positive attitude to life experiences. 

Counselling has helped improve their  emotional resilience and have been more willing to take risk without feeling fearful.   

Building their own strength of character has given them more ability to believe in themselves and be more autonomous. 

Counselling has helped reduce relational conflict  and improve relationships between family members and peers.

Time to Talk Essex Counselling work with young people and children from the ages of 5 -18. 

The counselling relationship is built by talking, play, using art materials, sand trays and toys so they can express themselves which help them to resolve issues concerning themselves.

Most importantly giving a young person one to one in a safe space to think about life, to talk about growing up, about what happens at school with friends, and how they relate with other people in their lives.

Bereavement, Loss and Grief


For most of us, bereavement, loss or an ending of a loved one is the most distressing experience a person can imagine.

Grief is extremely painful and can cause  people to  feel very alone, confused and empty. 

Everyone experiences grief differently and can leave many unanswered questions as to if you are grieving in the correct way. It is important to realise there is no right or wrong way to grieve, everyone is unique and will do it in their own way.  

Although grief is a natural process some people may cope  with the help and support from family or friends. However, they sometimes find it difficult to grieve openly as they do not want to put more stress on the other person. 

Many people do not know how to support a person who is grieving and think it is better to avoid speaking about their loss or want to speed up a person's grief as they find it too difficult to see someone in so much pain.

  Time to Talk  specializes in grief counselling and works in a non-judgemental way,  offering sensitivity to listen to your private thoughts and deepest emotions enabling you to reach acceptance and re-adjust to a new way of being.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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When we perceive something to be a problem or threat, our bodies respond by releasing chemicals such as adrenaline which enable us to react to the situation. 

This is useful when faced with an actual threat or danger and a certain amount of anxiety is quite natural. It helps us to stay focused whilst alerting us to things that need attention. 

But, if we experience too much anxiety over a prolonged period of time, it can lead to extreme anxiety or panic attacks.

Panic escalation usually exhibits four distinct phases and you make unrealistic self-statements which keep you in a constant state of alarm.  The symptoms of anxiety exacerbate your sense of arousal and ultimately you avoid any situation, person or thing that evokes the emotional and physical sensations.

Therapy can help you to relax, increase your confidence and learn new ways of dealing with anxiety inducing situations thus allowing you to go wherever you wish to go and do whatever you wish to do.  You can live your most fulfilling life free of unwanted anxiety.