Counselling in Brentwood for Adults and Children

The Brentwood Clinic of Contemporary Medicines

This is a Saturday clinic for Adults and Children. 

50 minute sessions for children 5 years to 11 years.

Young People from 12 years to 18. 

Clients have the opportunity to talk one-to one with me and have the choice to explore feelings and thoughts using sand trays and artwork.

The more you can talk through troubling thoughts and feelings the more confident, self-aware and reflective you will become.


Chelmsford Wellbeing Centre.

This is a weekday clinic for Adults, Chidren, Students. 

50 minute sessions for children 5-11 years and young people 12-18 years.

Counselling is looking after your own well being and making an investment in yourself.  It's a dedicated time and space for you to unravel your thoughts and feelings and become to understand yourself more deeply. 

The Aim Of Person-Centred Counselling

The aim of counselling is to provide you, the client with a confidential opportunity to explore personal and relational issues in safety. 

Counselling does not involve giving you advice, probing prying or telling you what to do. 

You are the expert of your own inner world and only you know how you feel, what the meaning of life is to you, and what direction you want to take. 

Counselling in Brentwood